How to get bloggers to promote and market your stuff

Blogger outreach and PR is difficult - I've read a lot of How to articles and guides that say stuff like "Get bloggers to review your site or product", or, "Get as many backlinks from other bloggers as possible".

So everyone knows what to do, but no-one's talking about how to do it. In fact, gathering backlinks is often time consuming, ineffective and infuriating.

Hands up anyone who has spent several hours emailing other bloggers asking them to take a second to look over your new [blog/site/product/service/article/video] and gotten almost no response. It happens all the time.

Marketing checklist for Internet startups

I've compiled a kind of SEO, social media and traffic building startup kit... for online startups. This assumes you aren't already rich, famous and popular enough to drive huge volumes of traffic with your name alone.

By spending a few hours ensuring that you have everything on this list set up and ready to roll, you can be sure to save yourself much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the weeks, months and years to come.

Most important qualities and skills required to run a website

Without doubt, running a website or converting a conventional business or idea into a website is one of the most multi-disciplinary tasks you can undertake.

Creating links in Drupal

Creating internal hyperlinks in Drupal, from one page to another, can be slightly tricky - node IDs, path aliases, the Drupal url() function, all play a role.

Fully qualified links, those that contain the entire address including http, are easy enough to use, but it's not good practice to enter a static, fully qualified URL when linking from one page or blog post to another.

Fully qualified links, by definition, include the domain name. If that changes all these links break, and, if the site is substantial, it would require a lot of work to fix everything.

Luckily there is a better way...

Must have Drupal modules for an SEO friendly website

Drupal has a number of contributed modules available to enhance its built in SEO features.

By adding and combining the features mentioned below, you can be assured that your web presence will compete well for attention from Google and other search engines.

It's important to get some of these modules installed and running early on as not all of them work retrospectively on existing content.

Does anyone care about meta tags

In the early days of the Internet, meta tags played an important role in how websites were indexed, classified and viewed by the fledgling search engines.

A variety of meta tags sprang up to offer helpful information (not to website visitors, but to search engines) about a webpage. Makes sense to do that if you want to appear in search results, right?

10 critical features of a good website

What features makes a website good can be a really subjective thing. What works for one might be complete poison for another.

Regardless, there are certain general traits that the vast majority of websites require in order to be efficient, hassle free and good at what they do.

These features can be aspects of the site that make the administrator/owner's life easy, or they can be functional design features that make life easy for users.

Either way, if you haven't got them... get them!

Your website could be blacklisted without your knowledge

Hands up; everyone who has started a new website and found that every now and then emails, sent via the website, do not get to their destination, or end up in the recipient's spambox.

The number one reason why startup blogs fail

There are hundreds of millions of people online all the time, right? So you do a few quick calculations; say to yourself, if I can attract a few thousand out of several hundred million I can make a pretty neat income (from advertising, selling products or whatever).

The next step is to build a web presence, kit it out, and start blogging. After all, that's what the experts all say you should do. Content is king...