Top 5 reasons why bloggers fail

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"Here's a great guest post, from Chad Goulde, highlighting some of the top reasons why bloggers fail to succeed or make money online."

To be a successful blogger, it's important to understand some of the reasons why most people fail.

And, it's important to note that many of these reasons began at conception. For one, some people tend to write about what they "think" people want to read.

How to make a blog buzz

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Blogging, content marketing, & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are all important aspects of a well rounded Internet marketing strategy to generate buzz, drive Web traffic, and make money online.

But content marketing is not easy, and many businesses do not see decent returns from their content and online marketing.

SEO is subject to constant Google algorithm updates that make organic search traffic unstable, and blogging is time consuming, and requires practice and skill before it becomes profitable.

Why use a cloud based online phone & fax solution for your business

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Small businesses need fast, reliable, and affordable communications (that cloud based, virtual PBX systems offer) in order to be competitive with larger companies.

Upgrading to a virtual office that is able to manage customer and client calls professionally, and from anywhere (via the cloud), at a fraction of the cost, is a huge advantage.

In the same way that data has moved into the cloud, so businesses are waking up to the fact that cloud based phone systems can manage communications via a Web interface, at lower costs, with greater flexibility, reliability and call quality, from anywhere, at any time.

FX Market Leaders launches premium signals service for forex traders

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[01/06/2013, London - paid press release] FX Market Leaders, known as a leading trading community and provider of free signals, has launched its new premium Forex signals service.

Until recently the system has been undergoing BETA testing where select members of the community had access to the signals through a web interface.

Throughout the BETA trial, FX Market Leaders received excellent feedback from users, as well as requests for additional services. Users wanted to receive sound alerts and email notifications in order to make their trading easier, which will lead to the integration of new features in the premium signals service.

The best way to create a website for sales and/or marketing

Creating a website, with the intention of selling or marketing, requires cutting-edge, responsive Web design, great SEO, high performance, and reliable Web hosting - as cheap as possible.

The last thing you want is to get bogged down in complicated technical issues (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, etc) instead of creating content, finding new customers, and making money.

This article will highlight the fastest and easiest way to build a website aimed at marketing (i.e. blogs, affiliate marketers, news, content, etc), followed by the best way to build an eCommerce store.

How to squeeze revenue from website traffic

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"Want some great marketing strategies and blogging tips to make more money from your website traffic?"

While many bloggers and businesses struggle with increasing Web traffic to the point where there is enough to make money, it is often the case that converting that traffic into revenue proves more difficult than anticipated.

Recently, a popular local blog in my hometown shut down because they were unable to find sponsors - their problem wasn't getting Web traffic, it was converting it into revenue.

3 top marketing strategies to grow your mailing list

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Email marketing is a popular and proven strategy that relies on growing a high quality mailing list to reach out to new and existing clients or customers.

Naturally, building up a highly engaged, opt-in email list full of readers who are interested in your products and services takes a bit of time and effort.

And, because email marketing relies on email, there are technical and legal barriers to entry that many small businesses fall foul of early on.

3 top marketing strategies, 2013

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Check out 2013's three best marketing strategies (Web based & traditional) for small businesses looking to drive Web traffic, capture leads, maximize conversions, and generate revenue.

With plenty of upheaval on the Web over 2012 and 2013, it is a time of opportunity for SMEs looking to dominate their online niche and make money.

Despite this, today's strategies must not only generate high returns, but also be efficient and affordable - gone are the days when companies used big budgets to attract vast Web based audiences.

Email marketing for small business

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Email marketing is a popular and effective online marketing strategy for small businesses (as well as large corporates).

Like all marketing and advertising strategies, email marketing comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses - but it can also be dangerous for unwary businesses.

Unlike advertising on your own site, email is disruptive. It reaches out to potential clients and customers - and because of this there are severe penalties for email spam.

The secret to online advertising in 2013

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Online advertising can help businesses capture new leads and generate sales and revenue almost instantly - but only if they know the secret to effective online ads.

While online ads (in particular, PPC ads) have great potential, it is very difficult to know exactly how to create the perfect ad that reaches the right audience, at the right time.

Internet users are very good at tuning out marketing and advertisements, rendering them all but useless. So getting your online ads wrong, can end up sucking the marketing budget dry with very little ROI (Return On Investment).