How to improve your cash flow

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A cash flow statement usually includes money flowing in and out of a company, but this article is full of ideas and tips to get more money flowing in.

Because cash is king for all entrepreneurs, SME/SMBs, and home based ventures, it is crucial that you can generate as much revenue as possible, as early as possible.

This article will look at a very simple sales forecast and provide plenty of great sales and marketing strategies, ideas and advice for you to incorporate into your own sales and marketing plans.

Using the Google AdSense scorecard

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Google AdSense has now included a scorecard to help publishers monitor and improve their SEO, social marketing, and Google ads to make more money.

But just how accurate and useful is the information provided by this scorecard, and can AdSense be trusted to give the advice that's best for your blog or business?

This article discusses the key features of the AdSense scorecard, and (using SME Pals' own scorecard results) looks at how to interpret and use the information to ensure your website is making as much money as possible without harming your SEO, page rankings, or user experience.

3 incredibly useful small business services you should try today

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America's small business productivity is absolutely vital for economic growth, and there are a wide range of services (with free trials) aimed at helping SMEs be more productive.

But, as you likely know, it isn't always easy to find the really useful software, tools and services because every service advertises itself as the best.

And, it can be a risk to both your bottom line and productivity opting to change or upgrade your operations to take advantage of services based on newer technologies.

Afraid of Google's Penguin? Don't disavow your links

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"Here's a useful guest post from Adam Henige about the Google Penguin algorithm, and some SEO advice that may help you avoid damaging page rankings by unnecessarily disavowing backlinks."

When Google launched the latest Penguin update on May 22nd, 2013, some people checked their rankings the following morning and saw a catastrophic drop in page rankings and Web traffic.

Others likely never noticed and may have never even heard of the update until reading this article right now.

Essentially, Google is tightening the screws on what it perceives as low quality links and sites with rankings propped up by such links got nuked pretty bad by this last update.

3 Internet marketing strategies that actually work

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"Are you tired of pouring time and money into Internet marketing strategies that bring little to no return on investment (ROI) for your business?"

Internet marketing covers such a wide range of disciplines (SEO, PPC advertising, email, social media, etc) that it is hard to know which strategies are the most effective.

Many small businesses have limited budgets and resources to create the content and get the reach they would like - so focusing on strategies with the highest returns is important.

5 best tips on how to start a business from home

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Learning how to start a business from home in order to build a sustainable income is a priority for many people suffering in today's tough economic climate.

Plenty of people do make good money - yet the sad fact of the matter is that over 95% percent of online startups don't make a cent.

This is because the Internet has increased the opportunities available to entrepreneurs, and lowered the barrier to entry (by reducing startup costs) at the same time.

5 top lead generation ideas to get more sales leads online

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For sales and marketing people looking to get more leads for their business, the Internet offers great opportunity wrapped up in some interesting challenges.

Inbound marketing strategies (ones that don't interrupt readers, unlike, say, banner ads) are proving to be more effective as the Web migrates to mobile enabled, content based marketing.

Capturing sales leads is no longer a case of securing an online advertising budget and plastering ads all over social networks, blogs, and industry websites.

Affordable SEO & marketing using online advertising

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet marketing rely heavily on creating high quality content - a technique not often associated with online advertising.

In general, online ads tend to be in the form of banners, or Google ads in search results - a short message, lacking any intrinsic value for the reader.

On the whole, online advertising is intrusive, and unwelcome.

But advertisers and marketers are having to change their stripes as the Internet moves toward content based marketing and advertising (driven by the adoption of mobile devices with less screen real estate for banner ads).

The 3 best Web hosting companies for business websites

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Corporate websites need hosting that is simultaneously affordable and reliable, with high performance and good, 24/7 technical Web support.

A good website is an integral part of your company's brand - so it needs to be well designed, fast, and operate smoothly.

A high quality service can save companies hundreds or thousands of dollars by ensuring near 100% up-time, avoiding SEO penalties or direct loss in revenue & Web traffic (by proper management of IP addresses, etc), and a minimum of technical issues.

Top 5 reasons why bloggers fail

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"Here's a great guest post, from Chad Goulde, highlighting some of the top reasons why bloggers fail to make a living."

To be a successful blogger, it's important to understand some of the reasons why most people fail.

And, it's important to note that many of these reasons began at conception. For one, some people tend to write about what they "think" people want to read.