Major Google algorithm update released today: Penguin 2.0

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The Penguin algorithm, which is responsible for weeding out webspam, has finally been released in version 2.0 (even though this is technically the 4th update to Penguin).

While the Panda algorithm focuses on content quality, Penguin looks at penalizing spammy links - links that are purchased, paid, and generated with the intention of manipulating page rankings (i.e. link schemes).

Many webmasters are already tearing out their hair as their page rankings have taken an immediate tumble. Some comments over at Matt Cutt's blog include:

How to always choose the best small business software

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Business software evolves and changes on a monthly basis and it is hard to choose the best software all the time.

It's important to opt for services that offer the latest productivity improvements at an affordable rate.

Buying outdated software, or worse, the wrong software entirely, is not only a waste of money, it can also set your company back - making it even more important to invest in the right technology, to stay competitive.

5 great ideas for business cards

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With millions of businesses and business people needing new and replacement cards all the time, it's not surprising that it is super easy to design, print and deliver new cards almost anywhere in the world in a matter of a day or two (in many cases, overnight).

Not only that, but online design and printing is also cheap and affordable, with prices ranging from as little as $15 (or £10 depending on where you are).

How to start a blog for business

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Most often, when people talk of how to start a blog, they are referring to the steps required to create a website with the ability to publish posts.

Turning that blog into a valuable business asset that generates plenty of organic search traffic and converts visitors into customers or profit, is something else entirely.

A blog is much more than a series of posts that share some common thread. Here's my definition:

5 reasons you won't make a living online

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If you want to know how to make a living online, then it's time to look carefully at the main reasons why almost everyone fails to make anything at all from the Internet.

Everyone's heard of the incredible riches being generated by bloggers and ordinary people who have struck it rich online with some magic formula. So why can't you?

The truth of the matter is that something like 95% of all online businesses never make money at all.

How better UI Web design increased my conversions by 200%

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Good UI (User Interface) design, on the Web, plays a vital role in helping customers understand your products and services, and can improve conversion rates dramatically.

Recently, I undertook to upgrade an existing website that offers tracking, analytics and market research services for retailers and publishers selling books and products via Amazon.

This market research site, RankTracer, was originally designed in 2006, based on osCommerce platform - anyone looking to design an eCommerce site today should instead consider alternative, market leading shopping cart software at Top shopping cart software, 2013.

3 top Internet marketing strategy tips for business

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Internet marketing strategies for small business (and larger enterprises) rely heavily on understanding the niche market intimately.

For online business, there is little more important business imperative than reaching out and grabbing the attention of the right people, in order to maximize conversions and revenue.

But understanding this on a theoretical level, and applying it in the real world can be two very different things, because online marketing is part science and part art.

Why cloud based SaaS is right for your business

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SMEs (and large businesses alike) are starting to make the shift to cloud based software, and online business Software as a Service (SaaS).

But, as with any change to the way in which companies operate, there are proponents and antagonists. Much like, I imagine, when the PC replaced the typewriter.

Just a quick point for clarity: I am using the term cloud based SaaS to refer to either cloud based software, or software as a service, or both, for brevity - not because one implies the other.

Free search engine optimization for one brilliant business idea

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Really unique and clever business ideas don't come along all that often, and when they do I feel obliged to help them out with some free SEO advice.

I came across We Rent Goats today, and loved their eco-friendly idea of clearing weeds and brush with goats, instead of harmful herbicides.

The site opens with a cute sign of a goat carrying a sign around his neck - "will work for food". Nice touch.

Can your business ideas make money?

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New business ideas are more important than ever because, while big corporates are shedding jobs, small business is growing rapidly - as more and more people make money from their own ideas.

The American economy is absolutely reliant on small enterprises, and the creativity and drive of entrepreneurs who have the tenacity to succeed.

Central to how well SMEs can help to grow the economy out of its current recession/depression is the quality of the ideas, and efficiency and competency with which these ideas are brought to market.